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This page will include most of the information you need to create and maintain articles.

Creating articles

There are a couple of ways to create a new article.

  • Enter the name in the search box on the right and click go. Then you can click create an article with this title
  • Create a link to it from another page, then visit the link:
[[New article name|Link title]]
  • Manually create the URL and click edit:


Section headers are created using a number of = characters before and after the section name. These go from top level sections down to minor sections:

= Level 1 section =

====== Level 6 section ======

If you have more than 3 sections then a table of contents will automatically appear at the top showing links to each section.

Sample code

If you have code that you want to appear using a monospaced font and in a box then you can precede every line with a space character or surround the code in <pre> and </pre> tags.


You can assign an article to a particular category using the following syntax:

[[Category:Category name]]

Please note that for VB6 and VB.NET, we have special templates which automatically include these. These are {{VB6}} and {{VB.NET}} which should be included at the very top of the article. We also have a work in progress template for those pages that havn't been finished.


Links in Mediawiki are either internal to the wiki or external site

Internal links

Internal links are to pages or articles on the same wiki and are mostly surrounded with double square brackets, e.g.:

[[Target page name]]

If you want to use something other than the page name as the link text, put that after the page name separated by a pipe character:

[[Target page name|Link title]]

External links

External links will automatically be recognised and converted to links, but you can also surround them in single square brackets which causes the wiki to give it a reference number.


If you want to show a link title, you need to separate it with a space character:

[ Google]

Don't forget that all links need a protocol like http://

See also