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There are HUNDREDS of VB sites out there, but no one can remember them all. Here is a selection...

Please note that this is a wiki so feel free to add your own links in the appropriate section or to remove/correct any links found to be dead.


  • How to ask questions - If you expect to get an answer, try giving as much information as possible
  • Google - Contrary to popular belief, you are most likely NOT the first person to come across your problem.
  • Google guide - How to use Google effectively
  • VB6 online help - An online version of the VB6 help in MSDN
  • MSDN library online - Everything you need to know about windows and the API
  • KBUpdate.Info - Microsoft Knowledge Base articles
  • No more pasting - Don't paste code in the channel. Here will do

VB Sites


I/O - File


  • - Articles, tutorials and source code regarding the Winsock control (archived).
  • VB Internet programming - All you want to know about internet programming with Visual Basic (archived).


  • GPWiki - The Visual Basic game programming wiki


  • Shrinkwrap VB - Older site about VfW video capture and AVI generation in VB
  • DirectX4VB - The source for DirectX and multimedia programming in Visual Basic
  • GDI+ Type Library for VB6 - A complete type library with additional samples for GDI+ in VB6


  • VBSpeed - For all the speed junkies, you'll find lots of very fast functions and excellent optimisation tips here



Source code sites

  • FreeVBCode - Exactly what it says... Free VB code!
  • Planet Source Code - Planet Source Code. Millions of lines of visual basic, of all standards


Connection strings


Media libraries


Programming practices


3rd party utilities

VB extras

  • ApiViewer 2004 - An updated version of ApiViewer, contains all declarations from Windows XP and lower.
  • MZ-Tools - A plugin to VB with a host of very useful features

Install creators


  • REd - Fully COM controllable and modular resource editor (still under development)
  • Resource Hacker - Simple easy to use resource editor
  • UltraEdit32 - Commercial programmer's text editor, but worth every penny
  • XN Resource editor - Open source (Delphi 2006) resource editor


  • Dilbert - A satirical look at office life in the IT industry
  • The Old New Thing - A blog by Raymond Chen, long-time Microsoft employee/insider that covers various programming concepts, ideas, and real life. Be sure and check out the comments for technical & comedy gold.
  • Human virus scanner - What do YOU suffer from?
  • The Daily WTF - Lots of examples of what NOT to do when programming.
  • xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.