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Welcome to the #vb Wiki.

This site will contain tips, code samples, links, etc...
You will also find our API guide which documents and give samples for the most commonly used API calls in VB.
If you are new to VB you can download Visual Basic Express edition and we highly recommend studying a few tutorials first.

You will find #vb on Undernet at
Please bear in mind that we do have a set of rules that we expect everyone (including us) to adhere to.
If you wish to 'paste' some code for us to help us with, don't use the wiki. Instead, use NoMorePasting! and don't forget to tell us the URL.

Remember that this is a wiki so feel free to add/edit/update content but please remember to login first.

Please note that most of the content on this site is VB6 orientated, unless stated otherwise. Most articles will have a header and a logo saying which version it relates to. Using these, you can easily find articles relating to Visual Basic 6 or Visual Basic.NET.

Have fun.

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