Saving JPEGs with GDI plus

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Option Explicit

' ----==== API Declarations ====----

Private Type GUID

   Data1 As Long
   Data2 As Integer
   Data3 As Integer
   Data4(0 To 7) As Byte

End Type

Private Type GdiplusStartupInput

   GdiplusVersion As Long
   DebugEventCallback As Long
   SuppressBackgroundThread As Long
   SuppressExternalCodecs As Long

End Type

Private Type EncoderParameter

   NumberOfValues As Long
   Type As Long
   Value As Long

End Type

Private Type EncoderParameters

   Count As Long
   Parameter As EncoderParameter

End Type

Private Declare Function GdiplusStartup Lib "GDIPlus" (token As Long, inputbuf As GdiplusStartupInput, Optional ByVal outputbuf As Long = 0) As Long Private Declare Function GdiplusShutdown Lib "GDIPlus" (ByVal token As Long) As Long Private Declare Function GdipCreateBitmapFromHBITMAP Lib "GDIPlus" (ByVal hbm As Long, ByVal hPal As Long, Bitmap As Long) As Long Private Declare Function GdipDisposeImage Lib "GDIPlus" (ByVal Image As Long) As Long Private Declare Function GdipSaveImageToFile Lib "GDIPlus" (ByVal Image As Long, ByVal filename As Long, clsidEncoder As GUID, encoderParams As Any) As Long Private Declare Function CLSIDFromString Lib "ole32" (ByVal str As Long, id As GUID) As Long

' ----==== SaveJPG ====----

Public Sub SaveJPG(ByVal pict As StdPicture, ByVal filename As String, Optional ByVal quality As Byte = 80) Dim tSI As GdiplusStartupInput Dim lRes As Long Dim lGDIP As Long Dim lBitmap As Long

   ' Initialize GDI+
   tSI.GdiplusVersion = 1
   lRes = GdiplusStartup(lGDIP, tSI)
   If lRes = 0 Then
       ' Create the GDI+ bitmap
       ' from the image handle
       lRes = GdipCreateBitmapFromHBITMAP(pict.Handle, 0, lBitmap)
       If lRes = 0 Then
           Dim tJpgEncoder As GUID
           Dim tParams As EncoderParameters
           ' Initialize the encoder GUID
           CLSIDFromString StrPtr("{557CF401-1A04-11D3-9A73-0000F81EF32E}"), _
           ' Initialize the encoder parameters
           tParams.Count = 1
           With tParams.Parameter ' Quality
               ' Set the Quality GUID
               CLSIDFromString StrPtr("{1D5BE4B5-FA4A-452D-9CDD-5DB35105E7EB}"), .GUID
               .NumberOfValues = 1
               .Type = 4
               .Value = VarPtr(quality)
           End With
           ' Save the image
           lRes = GdipSaveImageToFile( _
           lBitmap, _
           StrPtr(filename), _
           tJpgEncoder, _
           ' Destroy the bitmap
           GdipDisposeImage lBitmap
       End If
       ' Shutdown GDI+
       GdiplusShutdown lGDIP
   End If
   If lRes Then
       Err.Raise 5, , "Cannot save the image. GDI+ Error:" & lRes
   End If

End Sub