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This is a prime example if how NOT to get help:

This Guy wanted to be able to download a file into a string buffer, but the server checked the user agent. Using the Inet API and the code on our wiki solves exactly his problem.

22:38 -!- Irssi: Starting query in Undernet with Norxanizia
22:38 <Norxanizia> Look, I have tested that way... it only gets absolute files that ACTUALLY exist
22:38 <Norxanizia> This file is server side generated
22:38 <Norxanizia> URLDownloadToFile WORKS
22:38 <Norxanizia> Inet.OpenURL DOES NOT
22:39 <QueenDee> ok, I will let you back in #vb IF you answer what I ask, ok?
22:39 <Norxanizia> fine
22:39 <Norxanizia> but this had better be worth it
22:39 <Norxanizia> don't play with my time
22:39 <QueenDee> as I DO know what i am going on about
22:39 <QueenDee> my job is to screw around with cameras over HTTP
22:39 <Norxanizia> well from my perspective - I just don't see it
22:40 <QueenDee> just trust me
22:40 <Norxanizia> lol
22:41 <QueenDee> one momentg
22:42 <QueenDee> someone set teh ban in X
22:42 <QueenDee> just removing it
22:42 <QueenDee> ok, in here will do
22:42 <Norxanizia> lol
22:42 <QueenDee> someone else wont remove teh ban after you abusing him
22:43 <Norxanizia> i can give you the link in question if you don't believe inet.openurl WIll not work!
22:43 <QueenDee> ok, what is the URL, what are you exopecting it to return and what are you really getting?
22:43 <QueenDee> just bear with me, even if you think its stupid
22:43 <Norxanizia> But it's not my question!
22:43 <QueenDee> then what is the problem?
22:43 <QueenDee> InternetDownloadtofile NEEDS to downlaod to a file
22:43 <QueenDee> and the inet api WILL be able to get this file you think it cant
22:44 <Norxanizia> my question is how to get this api to write to a fake file in memory instead of a real file
22:44 <QueenDee> I asked you to answer my questions
22:44 <Norxanizia> LINK...
22:44 <Norxanizia>
22:44 <QueenDee> InternetDownloadtofile is NOT the answer
22:44 <QueenDee> ok?
22:44 <Norxanizia> You WILL NOT be able to get index.html to download using INet.OpenURL
22:45 <QueenDee> you are awar that that is a broken http server?
22:45 <Norxanizia> it's not broken
22:46 <QueenDee> well, its not returnifn HTTP
22:46 <Norxanizia> I don't care about any of this
22:46 <Norxanizia> I go to that link in FF and it gives me what I need
22:46 <QueenDee> InternetDownloadtofile is just awrapper for the inet api so WILL work
22:46 <Norxanizia> I use OpenURL is does not
22:47 <Norxanizia> I use URLDownloadToFile and it does
22:47 <QueenDee> I never said to use the inet control
22:47 <QueenDee> l
22:47 <Norxanizia> SO tell me... has this been a waste of my time like I said?
22:47 <QueenDee> its crap
22:47 <Norxanizia> 10:43pm <QueenDee> and the inet api WILL be able to get this file you think it cant
22:48 <QueenDee> yes...
22:48 <QueenDee> notice where I say "inet api" rather than "inet control"
22:48 <Norxanizia> On this earth I can for certain state that you are a waste of space
22:49 <Norxanizia> But more importantly... a waste of my time
22:50 <QueenDee> thats a shame because teh inet api works
22:50 <QueenDee> ?strconv(data,vbUnicode)
22:50 <QueenDee> ICY 400 Server Full
22:50 <QueenDee> icy-notice1:<BR>SHOUTcast Distributed Network Audio Server/Linux v1.9.5<BR>
22:50 <QueenDee> icy-notice2:This server has reached its user limit<BR>
22:50 <Norxanizia> Exactly... BROKEN
22:50 <Norxanizia> THAT IS NOT THE FILE
22:50 <QueenDee> thats what teh server is returning...
22:50 <Norxanizia> OVER AND OVER
22:50 <QueenDee> so, I return to my originalk question
22:51 <QueenDee> what are you expecting?
22:51 <Norxanizia> You can GET FUCKED
22:51 <Norxanizia> OK?
22:51 <Norxanizia> Your questions have done JACK SHIT
22:51 <QueenDee> I haven't finished yet
22:51 <Norxanizia> And your EGO is about to EXPLODE
22:51 <QueenDee> my egos about to gp to sleep
22:52 <Norxanizia> I have said a THOUSAND times that I am after the HTML that FF see's
22:52 <QueenDee> fancy carrying on till a conclusion or can't you be arsed any more?
22:52 <Norxanizia> INET api/control whatever THE FUCK you want to call it- WILL NOT WORK
22:52 <QueenDee> ok, give me a second
22:53 <Norxanizia> Whats more, fuck this
22:53 <Norxanizia> I want an apology
22:53 <Norxanizia> For all those times you have asked 'what for' and 'what are you getting' and all that shit
22:54 <Norxanizia> kicking me even when I said it was irrelevant
22:57 <QueenDee> do you want my answer as I know EXACTLY what the problme is
22:58 <Norxanizia> go ahead... but I can guarentee you I already know what it's gonna be
22:58 <QueenDee> what do you think it is?
22:58 <Norxanizia> That inet cannot get the file
22:58 <QueenDee> no
22:58 <QueenDee> you just need to fake the IE user agent.
22:58 <Norxanizia> But URLDownloadToFile already WORKS
22:59 <QueenDee> yes, becuase it uses IEs user agent string
22:59 <Norxanizia> thats fine but at least I don't have to code that
22:59 <QueenDee> its adding an extra header line
22:59 <QueenDee> that simple
23:00 <QueenDee> $ wget -U "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20060508 Firefox/"
23:00 <QueenDee> HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
23:00 <QueenDee> Length: unspecified [text/html]
23:00 <QueenDee> $ wget
23:00 <QueenDee> HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 No headers, assuming HTTP/0.9
23:00 <QueenDee> Length: unspecified
23:00 <Norxanizia> you do realise this is VB and not linux?
23:00 Norxanizia [] requested CTCP VERSION from QueenDee: 
23:02 <Norxanizia> You don't actually have a solution do you?
23:02 <Norxanizia> Your just telling me what have known for HOURS
23:02 <QueenDee> yes, its passing the user agent string in the additional headers
23:02 <QueenDee> yes, I tested it under linux
23:03 <QueenDee> vb, sorry
23:03 <Norxanizia> Look, I already know all this ffs... I have done for a loong time
23:03 <Norxanizia> You have yet to present a way of getting THAT file into memory
23:03 <Norxanizia> without the need to make files
23:03 <QueenDee> fuck you then
23:04 <QueenDee> ive told you 3 times
23:04 <Norxanizia> Finally
23:04 <QueenDee> USE
23:04 <QueenDee> THE
23:04 <QueenDee> FUCKING
23:04 <Norxanizia> No you have told me what I already KNOW!
23:04 <QueenDee> USER
23:04 <QueenDee> AGENT
23:04 <Norxanizia> YOU CANT ON THAT FUNCTION
23:04 <QueenDee> IT ALLWORKS!
23:04 <QueenDee> you can using the inet api
23:04 <Norxanizia> Where the hell is the option for that?
23:04 <QueenDee>
23:04 <QueenDee> there are plentyr that explain the api there
23:04 <Norxanizia> bollox are there
23:05 <Norxanizia> your just sending me on another fucking wild goose chase
23:05 <Norxanizia> your a disgrace
23:05 <QueenDee> my code unfoirtunatley belonds to my employer
23:05 <QueenDee> lazy fuck
23:05 <Norxanizia> like fuck it does
23:05 <QueenDee> its even on our site
23:05 <QueenDee>
23:06 <QueenDee> the user agent is passed to internetopen
23:06 <Norxanizia> what does that have to do with AAAANYTHING
23:06 <Norxanizia> When URLDownloadToFile is like 4 lines long
23:06 <QueenDee> abart form doing what you want?
23:06 <QueenDee> yes, but DOES NOT do what you want
23:06 <Norxanizia> My original today WAS NOT how to get this file 
23:06 <Norxanizia> *question
23:06 <QueenDee> oh well
23:06 <Norxanizia> IT was HOW TO MAKE A FILE BUFFER
23:07 <Norxanizia> As I have said TIME AND TIME AGAIN
23:07 <QueenDee> YOU CAN NOT DO THAT with internetdownloadtofile
23:07 <QueenDee> goodbye
23:07 <QueenDee> you have your answer
23:07 <Norxanizia> I HAVE BEEN TOLD YOU CAN
23:07 <Norxanizia> Your just an ass

Half an hour of my life wasted, as he said...