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.NET ThreadingAPI Errors In Plain English
Always on topArrays
As NewAuthors guide
Binary compatibilityBitmasksBooks
Brackets around procedure parametersBuffering TCP DataCatch KeyPresses over whole form
Chat windowsClose Without End
Code indentationCode samples
Common ControlsCommon DialogsControl arrays
Create a shortcutCreating Fonts
Creating Transparent Controls (.NET)DatesDebugging
Designing network protocols
Detecting Network AdaptersDetermining Object TypeDragging windows
Drawing an image to a DCDrawing sprites using any colour as transparentDrawing with GDI
DynamicControlEdit Menus and the RichTextBox ControlEnd
Enumerating IPsEvents from a moduleExplorer extensions
FileSystem methodsFindFirstFile
Floating tool windows
GetDefaultIconGetting Visual Basic
How to get tooltip handle in NET
Identifying data types
Is it an integerLinks
Listbox QuickfindLong StringsMD5 Hashing Using the CryptoAPI
Main PageModal dialogs
Modularised Subclassing The Same Object TwiceModularised subclassingMouse Hover and Out Events
Multipe lines in a MsgBoxMultiple monitors
MultithreadingNullNumber boxes
OLE Drag and DropOOP by example
Option ExplicitOutputDebugString
Passing UDTs to ClassesPattern BrushesPersistentGraphics
Pointers and CopyMemoryPolicyQuick tricks
QuotesReading application output
Saving JPEGs with GDI plusSearching directories recursively
SecondsToHMSSending emails with attachmentsSet the BackColor of a Row In a Datagrid With Value Condition
SetupsSharing in VbNET
ShufflingSimplifying building of complex strings in code (eg sql statements)Singletons
Sleep without lockingSourceSafe Tips
Special foldersSpeed
Standards of Nomenclature and SemanticsStoring collections in property bagsStreaming HTML content into a webbrowser control from VB
Subclassing in .NETSystem Tray
System tray iconsSystems analysis
Tabbed dialogs
TipsUnlimited Number of Parameters to a Subroutine
Using For Next on your own classUsing GDI to draw to a UnloadMode
VB6 and VB.netVariants
Visual themesWebGet
Why DoEvents is EvilWin32 binary resource formats
Windows UAC and ElevationWindows versionWorking with INI files in .NET